The Joy of Muscle-Aid Synergy Blend

Hello Readers!

Plant Therapy sent some oils to me a while back that I have had the pleasure to use. The first one I wanted to write about is their Muscle-Aid Synergy Blend. I will start off by saying that it is fabulous!

I am a cycling instructor. I teach 3 times each week, and sometimes I get sore. On top of that, I run outside on trails near my house at least 4 days each week and I lift weights and do resistance training. I love working out. It alleviates stress and boosts my blood/oxygen flow. Sometimes I have been known to lose my head and over-train, leaving my muscles in a state of painful disarray and my body feeling like I am recovering from the flu.

I had been using the blend for a while with a standard almond carrier oil and, while it felt good, I had not been able to truly put it to the test. About a month ago I over-trained while working my legs and running (think lots and lots of lunges on slopes). I felt sore only hours after my workout, which has not happened to me in a very long time. I did cold/hot therapy to stimulate my immune response and increase bloodflow, rolled out my legs on a foam roller, and did some recovery yoga. The next day I needed help getting out of bed! I felt like such a doofus for getting so carried away with my training, and I was really concerned that recovery would set me back and make it impossible for me to teach my classes for at least a week.

I shuffled slowly to the kitchen and mixed up the Muscle-Aid with my carrier oil, and then painfully shuffled back to the bedroom, where I proceeded to massage my legs for an hour. While the smell is certainly not a flowery perfume, it is an enjoyable smell. The pine and mint blend are Earthy and warm, and it is not overpowering. The olfactory impression is not too unlike the physical response once the blend is applied to skin. I felt an easy, underlying sense of warmth come into my legs as I massaged, and it made me hopeful that I could see some benefit from the oil and the massage.

Like I said, I had used it several times before for long training days, and it certainly decreased my recovery time significantly. However, I really wanted to put this oil to the test before I blogged about it. I have not used a more effective blend for muscle recovery! I woke up unable to use my legs, and after only two massages with the blend I was able to teach my class and walk with relative ease the very next day!

This might not sound impressive to those who exercise minimally or do not push themselves beyond their own physical constraints in the name of exercise, but to those of us who have over-trained before, 24 hours of recovery is generally scoffed at. I would recommend the Muscle-Aid Synergy Blend to any and all exercise and training enthusiasts, and I have!


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